Termite-control tips to keep your house termite-free

One of the biggest inconveniences to a home is pests.

They can not only cause harm to your health and safety, but also to your checking account as you have to spend you

Termite Free
Termite Free

One of such pests normally found in houses is the termites. Colonies of termites invade wooden structures, burrow through them in order to build a new nest, and use it for their food supply. Dealing with termites can be a tough ordeal as they cause destruction from the within unlike rodents. Once you suddenly see holes in wooden structures with these little creepy insects going around, it will be extremely hard to protect your piece of furniture from them.

Here are some termite-control tips to keep your house termite-free.

1. Avoid buying wooden furniture as you can as termites might reside in it.

2. Keep wooden furniture away from moisture as termites are attracted to moisture in wooden structures. You can use sunlight to evaporate the moisture and kill the termites that reside in it. Also, you can use dry cloth of soft fabric or microfiber for dusting your furniture.

3. Get a regular termite check-up at least once a year to lessen the risk of termite infestation or prevent it from worsening.

4. Store wooden items and cardboard boxes properly. Create storage spaces for wooden items and cardboxes to keep them out of reach as termites would love to infest in these.

5. Correct and fix cracks to prevent termites from building a nesting ground in your house

6. Have your garden re-treated. While your garden can function as your personal masterpiece of the outdoors, it can also be the dwelling place of termites and other pests. By getting your garden re-treated, you’ll not only be protecting your garden from termites, but you’ll also be protecting your house from them.

7. Apply wood polishing on your furniture periodically or hire a carpenter. For better protection use polish with termite resistant properties for wooden furniture.

8. Apply anti-termites pesticides. Spraying pesticides substance, such as boric acid, over anything with a wooden surface can absolutely get rid of these little creatures. Be sure to know where precisely you’re spraying on and how much of the substance you plan on using.

9. Use oil treatments on wooden furniture to protect from termite growth. Surface treatment with essential oil for wooden furniture protects it from termites. Some oils that can work as wonder on your wooden furniture from protection against termites are Neem Oil, Clove Bud Oil, Vetiver Oil, Olive Oil, Orange Oil etc. These oils inhibit the growth of termites or kill their colonies.

10. Clean your home on a regular basis. By cleaning your home regularly, you could keep termites on bay.


Termites, no matter how difficult they may be noticed, will always fall prey to any tactic you choose in getting rid of them. As long as you put any of these tips into action, you’ll never have to worry about any pest around.