Modern Furniture Styles

Through the centuries, fashion of furniture has deviated from ornate furniture, classic article of furniture appearance classic to up to date designs that blur the lines between art and practicality.

While most people use the term “modern” or “contemporary” to describe the furniture today, confusing between these two terms is actually describing two different design styles.

A list of some design types of current furniture design:

The pieces should be at the least 100 years old. Usually they are made of wood and have unique and ornate details, that allow them to be distributed easily.

Combining the best of Queen Anne, Chippendale, Sheraton of Traditional Furniture Styles, they usually are characterized by elegant ornamentation, straight lines, and tapered legs.

This captures the finest details of a particular era. The pieces are younger than antiques, but may be decades old.

Rustic furniture brings warmth and comfort at home. This style is typically made of wood or other natural materials, including cotton and linen. The accents are a great way to help achieve the rustic look of the furniture style.

Many people may have the thoughts or opinions that retro and vintage are pretty similar. But the retro furniture is typically defined by more modern designs that mimic fashion trends of the past.

This style came out of the early 1900s and is best known for its use of monochromatic color palettes and materials such as steel, vinyl, leather and plastic.

Relaxed Modern
This aspect has a minimalist aesthetic and a relaxed and sophisticated atmosphere. Elegant silhouettes along with deep plush seating; metals such as brass and brushed nickel pair with oak finishes.

Urban Collective
This look is fresh, take on boho-chic, industrial and mid-century modern designs. Gradient finishes, reclaimed wood and metal mixing with thin silhouettes and custom upholstery. The result – layers of texture and plenty of style.