16 Styles of Sofas and Couches (6-9)

16 Styles of Sofas and Couches (6-9)

6. Bridgewater
Casual and comfortable sofa is what defined from the design. The arms are slightly rolled to one side and are lower than the back sofa. While design Bridgewater suits in most room designs, it is rarely going to be the feature of the stand-out of the room. Also known as a Birch-arm or English three-seater, Bridgewater sofa is characterized by softly-rolled back, slightly-rolled, low set-back arms, padded soft loose cushions and a distinct tailored skirt. Bridgewater is a traditional casual and subtle sofa that does not dominate the rest of the furniture in the room.

7. Camelback
The main design feature is a higher back in the center, which descends continuously into the arms of the sofa. There are also designs with two arches on the back. This type of sofa is also recognized by exposed wood legs as frequently exposed wood in the upper back and arms (though not always). The elegant and stylish Camelback sofa, named for its similarity or resemblance to a camel’s humps, also characterized by tight upholstery, shape of a bench seat, high, scrolled arms that provide support and exposed legs. Modern types of Camelback often have one or two, rather than three humps. Many contemporary Camelback sofas are upholstered in bold, graphic prints, with an updated look to a traditional sofa style.

8. Cabriole
The trademark design element is continuous equal-height back and arms. Often the arms curve inward creating a long line of one arm to another. Some designs include ornate elements. Furthermore, Cabriole sofas are known for wood trim exposed along the top of the back and arms.

9. Chaise Lounge
Chaises remain popular, especially in large master bedrooms today. Some chaises have one arm, while others do not have arms. In addition, the couch is very popular as an element of patio furniture usually found in poolside.
It became popular to recline on daybeds, instead of sitting at a table, drinking or reading. This furniture had layers of fabric draped cushions and headrests. The chairs were made of wood and had comfortable cushions.

Modern sofas chaise longue are considered more of a decorative addition to a necessary piece of furniture in the house and are usually found in a bedroom or other room where relaxation prevails.