Types of Dining Room Tables

Types of Dining Room Tables

Dining Room Tables
1. Dining Table
Dining tables usually sit upwards and are generally grand affairs. They may have additional leaves to add additional seats and usually are strictly found in canteens and are used irregularly. This table also features a different top material : Wood, Glass, Laminate, Metal, Marble, Granite, Quartz, Plastic and Tile. In addition, there are also different styles of dining tables :
– Shapes : Rectangular, Square, Round, Oval, Freeform
– Types of Bases : 4-Legs, Pedestal Base, Trestle Base, Cross-Legged Base, Sawhorse Base
– Types of Tops : Slab Top, Drop Top (Framed-In Top
– Types of Legs : Spindle, Tapered, Cabriole

2. Kitchen Table
Because kitchen table is also considered as workhorse, this table is designed to be used daily by the family for meals, games, crafts, work and more. Sometimes it is only big enough for two seats (though usually in that case, will be known as bar tables), but more often four to six people sit. You can get a small dining table set regular or something with more of a function of saving space, such as breakfast nooks corner.

3. Bedside Table (also known as Nightstand)
Most rooms have at the least one table, usually two in the form of a bedside table or nightstand flanking the bed. These pieces of furniture are almost necessary to be useful for the placement of elements within arms reach of the bed, elements you can put before bedtime or require awakening, like glasses, book, electronic devices and of course the Wake feared. These tables can be real tables, chests, small shelves or cabinets.

4. Pub Table
Tall and come with stools, and the seats are for two to four people.

5. Patio Table
Are designed to handle the elements of a deck, porch, or other space to the outdoors (though some must be wintered indoors if you live in a harsh climate).