The Cons of Glass Dining Tables

Unfortunately, no matter how good one material is, there are also some disadvantages when it comes to choosing a glass for your dining table. Real estate property, Here are some of them:

1. It needs regular cleaning
The main disadvantage of glass furniture is keeping it clean. The glass is prone to fingerprints, dust, fingerprints and smudges spills that can easily pull their original pristine appearance. Once food debris or dirt left on the table, they become very noticeable. After each use, a glass table (especially when liquid has been spilled) needs to be cleaned to keep it clean, otherwise, you can leave watermarks that are difficult to remove. Once the previous clear glass table becomes foggy, you can use some sodium bicarbonate dissolved in warm water and clean all to bring back to their foamy state.

2. It requires good flooring and decoration
The transparency of the glass is an advantage, however, can also be considered as one of its disadvantages. Because you can see everything below, the ground surface must be impeccable. Dining chairs matching must be in good condition. Think about it: if you are inviting guests for a meal and then decided to take a picture of the food on the table, the view will be aesthetically pleasing? Yes, not everyone can afford to have an interior decoration HGTV-worthy, but before choosing a glass table, at least make sure that the room will not need major redecoration to make it look good.

3. It can be dangerous.
Glass is a fragile material so it can be very dangerous, especially if you have children or pets or even clumsy adults at home. Once it breaks, the broken glass may pose a risk of injury. Small children and pets can be disorderly and uncontrolled, and they can either get hurt or damage the glass. Sharp corners may accidentally harm anyone, so it’s best to choose a table with protected edges or go for a round or oval table.

4. It is not as robust as other materials.
Although glass is naturally strong, they are not as durable as wood or stone. Because it is fragile, so you have to make an effort to ensure they do not get scratched or chipped. Once a glass surface is damaged, it is impossible to make it look new again. We must also take care not to drop heavy objects on glass tables for obvious reasons. Placing objects very hot on a glass table can cause damage to the glass, so start using placemats and coasters if you are not using them.

5. It is more expensive than other tables.
The price of glass furniture is also a problem. Modern glass dining tables are not the cheapest, and can be expensive depending on the type of glass used. More resistant glass types, such as tempered glass, which is thermally and chemically strengthened to avoid risk of breakage, will be more expensive. However, it is better safe than sorry.