Real estate property. As mid-century modern design has its roots in architecture and its furniture was originally created to highlight the design sensibilities of the era, here is a quick summary of the architectural details you want to highlight to effortlessly inject your home interior design mid-century:

Born after World War II, mid-century modern design removed the superfluous to keep things true in their original essence. Take a similar suggestion and keep it structured, practical and durable, with small design flowers for your interest.
Take advantage of the natural elements in a room with exposed wooden beams and intact brick walls to let in the great outdoors.

Add characters through abstract prints, motifs and artwork without cultural references that can be more easily associated with the art and craft movement of the time.
Unpretentious, one of the main reasons people continue to compliment mid-century modern decor is its informal and informal atmosphere; so enjoy and relax, don’t overdo it.


As trendy, the way we decorate our homes at the moment often tends to reflect the energy and direction of the time, and mid-century modern design does just that with its bright, sticky tones that touch the optimism of the 50s. natural woods, greens, oranges and earth tones combine with the sophisticated spirit of the 60s and 70s.
If you are not blessed with an original mid-century modern home, you can work on the style of your home by making your color scheme a starting point.

Think of darker shades like burnt sage, orange and rust for a decidedly mid-century modern living room, while all other rooms allow for a more fun approach to shades including turquoise, sunny yellow, bright orange and primary colors . scattered. Just make sure that every room has neutral worrisome to keep the mixture intoxicating and not too saturated.


Mid-century modern anti-shaking and formal design, it faces clean lines, simplicity, practicality and sumptuous shapes. Think of new materials of the time, such as plastic, acrylic and even Formica, when considering furniture materials.

Other features include hairpin legs, streamlined seats, plastic shell chairs, cocoa lounges, matte finishes and smooth surface consoles dotted with facades that radiate personality through the design.


A quick glance at any mid-century modern furniture reference will certainly highlight the obvious: the main print direction of the movement is naive, fun, abstract, full of geometric graphics and unfortunately a little childish and openly retro.

To bring your modern mid-century home design to today, a source similar to the manufacture of vintage textiles and fabrics in small doses to avoid a heavy kitsch approach. Take the room above, except for the affirmation curtains and the pillow, the room is almost indifferent, while the concise color scheme is perfect for keeping everything fresh and timeless.

Our interior designers suggest doing the same with cushions, blankets, sheets and curtains so as not to overwhelm the eyes or seem trapped in a time tunnel.


Accessories are the places where you can enjoy mid-century modern design without spending a lot of space or budget. Take a quick look at one of the rooms presented here and you will find that all well-considered mid-century modern houses share a common thread of reserve surfaces and simplicity. Follow the example and bring only a few decorative pieces that are unique enough to be alone.

If you are looking for advice on how to decorate mid-century modern style on a limited budget, search local flea markets, second-hand shops and online auction houses like 1st Dibs to find the rare and unique ones that will surely give life to your fantasies. Modern houses to live in the mid-century.

For a modern living room and mid-century common areas, get decorative extras reminiscent of the 50s and 60s with saturated colors, such as a trio of naive-patterned porcelain vases, multi-sized sculptures for an extra touch, upholstery and furniture. with graphic shapes in bright shades for unexpected bumps of color.


With natural elements and an emphasis on the exterior, being the hallmark of mid-century modern design, enjoy every window you have and let the light in. Fountain awnings, curtains and solid window treatments that you can easily pick up to enjoy the view from the outside.

And while the mid-century modern home decor is all based on clean straight lines and playful pops of colors and prints, Decor Aid’s interior designers suggest opting for neutral window treatments that are simple in design and symmetrical. For a modern approach to mid-century modern home design like you should never want your decor to be vintage – it’s all about blending.