Here is the right way to decorate earth tones

Real estate property Picking a neutral, earthy paint color can be overwhelming. That being said, you can’t go wrong with a beige paint that has gray undertones. It’s a great backdrop for a happy space like the entry way pictured here. Designed by Janie Molster, the foyer showcases cool lavender accents that punch up and complement the calm backdrop. For a similarly versatile and cool-toned earthy paint color, try Farrow & Ball’s Ammonite.

Warm tones may be the first earthy tones to remember, but don’t overlook cold tones either. Take this light gray room, designed by Julie Rootes, for example. The gray walls have a blue tint that balances well with the slate dining room table. The rich wooden floors complete the space and create a relaxing area. For an equally serene color than the color of the earth, try Benjamin Moore’s half-dollar silver.

This room designed by Nina Farmer is what rustic dreams are made of. The burnt orange paint blends the space and shines against the touches of onyx, beige and terracotta, creating an intimate haven. If you are gravitating with earthy paint colors but are struggling to match the decor, opt for the textures found in nature, as you see here with the shutters, the dresser and the bed frame. For an ink-like brown color, try Behr’s Maple Glaze.

Opposites are said to be attracted and this dining room designed by Kristen McCrory proves that it is true. The pink-brown walls have a reddish hue that instantly warms the room. Natural light keeps the space bright, while green chairs add an impressive juxtaposition. The space is a perfect blend of classic and timeless furniture, while fun colors and patterns fill the space with personality.

The house is everywhere that brown and earthy color of the paint, because it does not become much more homogeneous than this living room. The rich, deep tones of the ink, plus the black bookcase and patterned red carpet, make you play with a book or rest for a nap. Brass accents bring furniture together so that the space looks unified and charming. For a similar toasted brown color, try Benjamin Moore’s roasted coffee beans.