With each new year, new interior design trends and fashions arrive to consider and even reconsider so that you can update your home with safety and ease. Last year we saw an increase in customer requests for rose gold, subway tiles and exposed lighting, as these were some of the main home decorating trends of 2018. Real estater property

But with a new year, new models and decorative ideas come together with elegant and timeless pieces for new versions of classic styles. And as recently noted by our interior designers, 2019 will bring some fantastic home design trends to keep in mind. Read on and pay attention to these interior design trends that our leading designers believe can reach your home.


As custom pieces, many interior designers have noticed a change in lighting and that many of our customers are in favor of accessories from local artists and small businesses alike to create unique environments.

Handcrafted accessories with a handcrafted touch will better personalize your home and, like natural elements, will help to focus attention on the room to create a comfortable and welcoming feeling.


Moving away from the decorative trends obsessed with technology that we have seen that dominate the 2018 design trends, 2019 moves towards fresh and natural materials such as stone, copper, concrete and granite.

These elements will help to provide an organic and peaceful environment to any space, reflecting the world around your home. Get some ideas on how to add natural elements to your urban residence here.


Believe it or not, velvet has been seen as obsolete and stuffy, and now it looks like a luxurious and comforting manufacture. This multidimensional fabric has already started to attract a lot of attention, which leads many interior designers to lean towards velvet decoration, as it will be one of the most sought after trends for interior design of 2019.


This trend towards classical decoration has existed since the beginning of time, but for the next year the flowers have been completely renewed and modernized. And soon you will also see floral motifs with a new light. Decorators hope to find exaggerated proportions, fun scales and contrasting colors so that this timeless decorative motif feels renewed.


Rose gold was one of the most viewed decorative trends in 2018, however, by 2019 we expect to see less rose gold and more copper accents, along with a mixture of other metals and finishes.

With its red and orange tones and earthy tone in general, copper offers a breath of fresh air much needed for the new year. Do not forget to consult our guide to include metal objects in your home.


Although soft colors can help prevent spaces from feeling overwhelming and visually heavy, our interior designers believe 2019 will be a year when bolder colors are preferred.

The richest shades in the whole house can instantly make your furniture and decorative elements appear with softer and more natural tones. See dramatic reds, bright roses, bold yellows and lush greens.


2019 is preparing to be a year when we say goodbye to stainless steel, chrome and polished nickel and welcome the brass accents in our homes. Brass is a surprisingly warm and subtle alternative to the expected accents of steel and will surely add a daily sense of elegance to even the simplest spaces.