Also known as trough sinks, the bucket sink joins the list of vintage design trends to come back next year. Farm-inspired, these pans are family-friendly and add personality and a touch of nostalgia to any kitchen or bathroom. Real estate property


Previously, this shade of yellow was seen as overwhelming and dramatic, but the following year, the bolder the better. Yellow is a color that exudes happiness, security and joy.

Whether it is worn on details or trendy items, burnt yellow will definitely make your home happy by 2019. If you think this is a risky color, read our guide to designers incorporating yellow details.

  • 70’s CHIC

With many old design trends coming back into fashion in this 2019, such as geometric and velvety patterns, our designers expect to see a lot of tips from the 70’s era. Stylish 70’s furniture is made up of warm palettes, cool textures and abstract silhouettes. Incorporating this trend into your home will bring an extraordinary personality to every living room or bedroom.


Many seem to stay away from wallpaper in general, but 2018 was a year when wallpaper was used in many homes. Gate’s wallpaper is taking a dip in its colors, and its natural, uniform colors and lines perfectly match the bold and natural trends we expect in 2019.


From beauty products to custom cars, technological advances have made matt finishes even more attractive and practical. Compared to the dramatic effect that glossy finishes evoke, matte finishes give furniture a more relaxed yet futuristic look.

Take this elegant console animated by a sensational combination of yellow and periwinkle colors. In a more traditional color scheme, it would go out of line. And if it ended with a brilliant effect, it would be very strong. Instead, thanks to its matte patina, it will give any environment a peaceful sense of dignity and grace while remaining extremely cold. For a similar effect, look for finished matte furniture that exhibits unexpected shadows and silhouettes or choose a classic style like when A piece finished with a matte technique will remain fresh forever.


Although not in vogue since the late 1980s, we have seen a steady increase in customers demanding up-to-date outlets on large four-poster beds. It may be because hotel-inspired room suites have been the latest fad for the past ten years, or it may well be that people are looking for the most comfortable oasis.

Either way, the reduced minded four poster beds are readily available in an infinite variety of options. And because they often boast a silhouette and subtle elements, they can now easily adapt to virtually any environment without being overbearing and unnecessary. To do work in your room, follow suit and pick up a quiet, subtle four-poster bed to make sure it doesn’t take up a lot of space or ever go out of style.