Dr. Phil’s house is decorated with guns, teddy bears, profanity and more.

Dr. Phil’s Beverly Hills home hit the market for $ 5.75 million (see list here), and for someone who makes a living by analyzing other people’s brains and behaviors, his insides are no less than a little bizarre. Real estate property

From the outside, the house looks like its extraordinary SoCal mansion. It features a paved patio, a luxurious in-ground heated pool, a spa, an outdoor kitchen and hedges and freshly manicured vegetation. But he enters the house, which is currently occupied by his son Jordan, and normalcy comes out the door. Gnarled tree trunks, abstract creatures, wild animal models and figures, and spontaneous pop of color and profanity are just some of the reasons for this 6,170-square-foot, five-bedroom, six-bath park … or would you call it a lair?

At the entrance to Phillip McGraw’s house is an aubergine hanging chair with a shell that resembles the intertwined tree branches. Continue into the lobby and you will be greeted by an overwhelming and overwhelming staircase, where the rails look like slightly dirty, pungent tree branches. Under the stairs is a home bar, dotted like a cheetah with blue lights. The benches handle tree trunks and come with horn-shaped backs. Other new and eccentric accessories decorate the room, such as what appears to be a teddy bear hanging from a pair of pink lips.

The arcade has an arctic, icy feel where weird Batman and Joker models look at you as you play pool on the lion-legged table. Darker statuettes look at you in the dining room (see image above), where twelve guns line the wall. The house is nothing short of extravagant, boasting a wild style that clearly required a lot of effort. But it’s not exactly inviting, and it hardly seems to coincide with the gregarious, insane gentleman we previously knew was Dr. Phil. Daniel Miller of L.A. The Times shared photos on Twitter, where it quickly went viral and other users seemed to agree that the space was quite unique.