Kim Kardashian has an appointment-free refrigerator, independent beverage refrigerators and a frozen yogurt machine

Earlier this month, Kim Kardashian West promoted her belt and underwear collection, SKIMS, on Twitter with a photo of her modeling lingerie in front of her open fridge. Of course, Twitter looked beyond the cotton dress he was wearing, and directly into the refrigerator of the Kardashian-West home. Comments came to the publication criticizing the mother of 4 for having a refrigerator lightly stocked with drinks only, most of which were milk. While fridges don’t have to be 100% replenished at all times (that’s how Marie Kondo suggests doing it), Kim’s fridge seemed pretty empty with no food present. Real estate property

Fortunately for us, Kim turned to her Instagram stories to clear up any confusion about the lack of food in her home. The tour begins by showing fans their pantry, full of snacks and frozen yogurt toppings, all in glass jars. The star opens a door and then shows off her giant frozen yogurt machine (… and to think that once we thought this refrigerator was a dream). So the refrigerators! The first refrigerator is filled with bottles of VOSS water, canned water and cans of ginger beer. Then he shows the second refrigerator, the refrigerator that made Twitterverse nervous, where the star stores milk, fresh juices and more water. Again, food is nowhere to be seen, but that’s only because we haven’t seen the real refrigerator.

The star goes to her other kitchen and opens the refrigerator door, which the family really eats. Inside, the shelves are lined with a variety of fresh organic products and seasonings. Kim, who switched to a vegan diet this summer, even shares that trees are currently planted on the property so that the family can grow their own fresh vegetables. To promote his efforts to live a greener lifestyle, Kim also reveals that he has got rid of all his plastic bottles and jars (see some easy ways to make your home greener here).

Go ahead a little bit, and Kim has another smaller pantry, another refrigerator for drinks only, and reveals that she has two freezers. It is safe to say that there is certainly no shortage of food available in the Kardashian-West home. Before finishing the video, give fans a look at their dinner.