The Best Teal Paint Colors, and How to Use Them 1-5

The colors of the blue paint are experiencing an important moment (hello, the color of the year of Pantone). And although we will always love light, light blue and rich cobalt tones, aqua green tones are our current obsession. It is a dream color that is somehow more interesting and unexpected than blue or green and makes each space a little more special. From shades reminiscent of the sea to samples that make any room an oasis of relaxation, a bluish green color is evident if you are looking to illuminate your home. Here are some of our favorite versions of aqua green, as well as some inspiration on how to incorporate color into your space. Real estate property

If you are going to go through the teal, you could also jump all-in. In this colorful space, Janie Molster demonstrates that teal is far from intimidating. With different variations of the tones of the walls, of the works of art and like the wallpaper, this space shows that the teal can be a happy tone, especially combined with splashes of gold.

To get an equally vibrant and brilliant bluish green color, consider Benjamin Moore’s blue-green color.

We love a good combination of wallpaper and paint and also the designer Julie Rootes. This butler’s pantry uses a darker tone that reminds us of the soothing force of the deep blue sea. White marble countertops and golden accents mark the space and create an impressive and sophisticated atmosphere.

Painting your closets is a surprisingly low way to cool a space. Take note of interior designer Tasmin Johnson and give your kitchen a bluish-green-inspired reset. This tone is soft and soft; It is the perfect color to achieve a peaceful aura that will stay healthy overnight by cooking madness.

Is painting walls from floor to ceiling too intimidating? Relax on a sea-green palette by adding a soft and dreamy accent to your bathroom. Get inspired by designer Nina Farmer. With details in black, white and mixed metal, this bathroom is making our romantic and romantic dreams come true.

Bring bright and cheerful vibes by opting for bold colors and funky motifs. Take this space by Kristen McCrory, for example. The deep pink cloak, the checkerboard curtains, the dark blue velvet sofa and the abstract carpet are united by the more subtle and watery bluish green tone. Because let’s be honest, white wouldn’t cut it in this room.