The island-inspired West Palm Beach House is the perfect vacation getaway

Rattan, jute and lots of shells. Going out with tropical materials can put you at risk of becoming a boho-chic cliché. Then, when Caroline Rafferty, a Palm Beach designer known for creating modern interiors, dyed in euros, was commissioned to create a Bahamas-? On the way out of style, I knew I would have to get into it. Real estate property

“Usually, if someone wants that look, I’m not the first person they would call!” Ride But the owner of the house, Melanie Charlton, founder of the luxury wardrobe company Clos-ette, was a lifelong friend and Rafferty knew she was very happy. “She came to me with a vision,” says the designer. “She and her husband loved Tom Scheerer’s work at Lyford Cay, so I tried my best to guide her to her version.”

One of Charlton’s ideas was a shell-covered fireplace. “He could certainly have gone in a very different direction and become kitsch,” Rafferty admits. “So, instead of using large shells, we used a single layer of smaller shells to look like a mosaic. It’s a real work of art. “And when Charlton mentioned an old mural of sea grapes from his local tennis club, Rafferty enlisted with his decorative painter to create an updated version for the house.” We tried to interpret it in a new way, making the design more open. and changing colors, “he says.

For the palette, Rafferty used pink, pistachio green and ocean blue, both inside and out, although carefully. “It can easily become saccharin when you put the cakes together,” he says, “so I’ve always thought of ways to keep it fresh, either by adding materials such as metal, stone and natural fibers, or by mixing other colors, such as the black railing in the hollow of the stairs”. and an acid green screen in her daughter’s room. “

The rattan and the cane were obvious options for interior decoration, but Rafferty knew they would not resist outside. (“You can’t let the real wicker get wet or crumble!”, He warns). So she and Charlton filled the outdoor spaces, designed by landscape architect Fernando Wong, with Celerie Kemble’s fake wicker furniture for Lane Venture. . “It’s really so beautiful that you would never know it’s made of plastic and metal,” said Rafferty Rave.

In the living room, Rafferty combined a pair of pink sofas with two coffee tables: one in blue-painted wood and another in raffia. “I think it’s good to have a couple of things in a room, so that your eye doesn’t go everywhere, but I hate when things are too compatible, it may end up looking like a catalog,” he says. “As long as the height and dimensions are similar, the use of parts that do not match can work.”

A closed porch outside the master bedroom had a ceiling so low that the designer could easily touch it. Then he hugged her, covering everything with a striped cloth “to create the feeling of being under a lodge.” A woven rug and a heather wooden table enhance the natural feeling.