The architectural feature that makes your home more welcoming

The explosion of open floors has led to houses that are, well, open – “devoid of any cozy place,” says architect Jeffrey Dungan. Do you feel like craving the intimacy of a cocoon space where you can curl up and escape the vastness of the world? “What a person wants is space, however small, to keep up with the image they are directing,” writes Durga Chew-Bose. The design solution is to create a niche or make an existing dead space more functional. Comfort is the key: a corner is the architectural manifestation of a hug. See how designers are cutting them out of nowhere. Real estate property

“With social media, we’re more connected than ever, but people feel more alone than ever. Corners are places to sit and visit a real person (who might be one of your favorites) over a cup of coffee or a wineglass and compare notes on life. ”- Jeffrey Dungan

3 Things to Do:

  • Consider your size

Where we see an embarrassing step, Erin Fearins sees a hangout. Embedded in a walnut frame, this corner of Fearins Welch Design and CWB Architects is spacious enough to allow two brothers to come together to play video games.

  • Give a lot of light

Surrounded by a window and fitted with appliques, this Chloe Warner relaxation area by Redmond Aldrich Design is warm and spacious. The wallpaper, Gondola by Cole & Son, is animated with colors and patterns.

  • Sneak into Storage

Deep enough to illuminate the moon like a guest bunk bed, this alcove by Rita Koenig and architect Gil Schafer III has drawers under the pillow. “It’s more than a reading corner or other piece of furniture,” says Schafer.