What Makes a Sitting Room look Special 1-5

A living room may seem quite self-explanatory, it is just a living room, but what distinguishes it from a living room and a living room? While a family room is meant to be informal and used by everyone to watch movies and go out, and a living room is large, formal and intended for entertainment, a living room is a compromise between the two. In spaces large enough to accommodate the three common spaces, the living room will be the most relaxing and intimate space for the family to gather, take a nap, read or enjoy a game night. Consider this meeting of ten elegant spaces as a master class in the design of a living room. Real estate property

  • Make it cozy

There is something in the dark walls and ceilings that slow down instantly. In addition, they are a sophisticated and unexpected design option. In this living room, interior designer Andrew Felsher contrasts dark walls and traditional art with fun and bright furniture and prints throughout. Use the small space to your advantage and make it look like a jewelry box.

  • Keep it informal

For a less elaborate living room setup, look at this space designed by Arent & Pyke. At this beach house, the design team focused on channeling the tropical environment of a coastal home for fun reasons and informal materials, but still maintained a level of sophistication. And most importantly, when designing a living room, arrange furniture for easy conversation. In this case, this simply means tilting the seats inwards.

Less is more

Here, Heather Hilliard has opted for a spacious and cozy section in a light blue living room. The upholstered ottoman adds to the comfortable atmosphere, while the ornate gold mirror is enough to dress the room without making it feel charged.

  • Have fun with it

If your living room has a wide view and receives tons of light, even better. Heidi Caillier has improved the hygiene factor with a sheepskin rug, elegant prints and eclectic furniture.

  • Find a balance

In this living room designed by Katie Ridder, the reflected effect of the bright red paint on the ceiling makes the small space look like a fun home, while cheerful art, the informal rug and the relaxed coffee table underlie the space .