What Makes a Sitting Room look Special 6-10 End

  • Opt for neutrals

If you can locate a living room somewhere with a sloping roof, much better: the corner feeling improves privacy. Designed by Leanne Ford, this is a relaxing neutral, with many cozy layered textures for a cozy, affordable and familiar place. Real estate property

  • Monochrome

This blue Heather Hilliard living room has all the basics, from a small sofa to an armchair, many surfaces, a woven basket for storing photos and ample lighting. Professional advice: Stay with a family of colors like Hilliard did here. The monochrome scheme is relaxing and greatly facilitates the actual design process.

  • Bring the books

“The room doesn’t get much light, so I decided to make it cozy and turn it into an English-style portrait room that’s ridiculous but fun,” says famed chef Alex Hitz. The floor-to-ceiling shelf makes it look like the coziest home library in history, while the armchairs and sofa also make it a good entertainment space. If your living room is smaller, it is the perfect excuse to be bold with the wallpaper.

  • Make it accessible

Corrine Mathern has taken an informal, modern, completely Californian approach to this living room in Silver Lake, Los Angeles. It’s just a more formal guide than the common family room, but it still has that unpretentious look that’s so essential to a comfortable living room.

  • Change seat

The number one goal in a living room is to create a relaxing atmosphere. So why put two armchairs next to each other when you can line up a row of sunbeds? Place a thin side table between them so you can rest your reading material and / or drinks.