20 window seats so cozy we never wanted to leave 6-10

Hang a light

Cameron Ruppert created cohesion with the duvet cover, the pillow and the matching wallpaper. The grayish blue and the greens are ideal for a bedroom and the sloping ceilings around the window make it even more cozy. A pedant hung just above the corner also acts as an additional reading light. Real estate property

Use Oversized Pillows

With soft neutral layers and ornate details, this window seat designed by Nicole Hollis is the ideal place for a cat nap. Keep a small stool for books or tea close by and opt for large lumbar cushions so you can lean against something soft instead of the hard wall.


The roof above the window seat is treated like a fun house in this delightful bathroom. Imitating a circus tent but with a nautical touch, the striking turquoise and white stripes give life to the space. The lesson: when you have a single roof, play even more with paint.

Add storage space

If you want your window seat to do more than just sit and look good, put it to work with the integrated storage. Cameron Ruppert has equipped this with nine drawers and two closets.

Add a header

This personalized reading corner is the perfect place to pamper yourself with a good book or just to daydream. While the wallpaper surely animates the walls, the curved headboard shines even more.