20 window seats so cozy we never wanted to leave 11-15

Complete the architecture

This wide angle immediately draws our attention to the dazzling and relaxing outdoor scene. All you need is a pair of blankets and pillows for optimal comfort, a ceiling light and a table for placing books and glasses. Let the view do the rest of the work. Clean lines and modern appearance are perfect for the simple bones of space. Real estate property

Encourage conversation

If you don’t have a window seat folded into a panoramic window or under a pitched roof, consider building a custom bench in a corner or a small fenced corner next to a window. Designer Jenn Feldman has created a personalized bench to encourage family conversation and reading time.

Cheer things up

Heidi Caillier made this window seat comfortable and welcoming by adding a custom padded cushion and a combination of cushions. In addition to the rugs and cushions of the dining room chairs, the accessories of the window seats are the only colorful and soft materials, therefore they really illuminate and warm the room.

Spruce up a Hallway

Even an awkward runner can be functional and welcoming with proper attention. Here, Heather Hilliard loved the mint blue and pastel blue ikat cushions and a matching blanket and cushion to brighten up the seat by the aisle window. Flanked by two wall lights, it is the perfect place to pamper yourself with a good book.


If the windows have stained glass details, an additional reason to attract attention with bright accented cushions and a seat. Section with tall curtains as Fiona Lynch Studio did here for some privacy (and to block the sun if you are in a room).