20 window seats so cozy we never wanted to leave 16-20 End

Focus on the view

A window seat with a view is the best type of window seat. To make the most of it, if and with enough space, customize the hours to accommodate a single mattress instead of just a small pillow, as Chango & Co. did here. Real estate property

Pay attention to the scale

You can anchor a room around a window seat, if it is large enough. Alison Pickart took advantage of the large windows with a large window seat, then added a coffee table and tilted two armchairs toward each other for a small living room. This helps reduce dramatic vaulted ceilings on a human and domestic scale.

Make pop

Cameron Ruppert opened this seat by the window with a bright red cushion that complements the dining room chairs, curtains and pillows, while still holding it against lacquered blue paint.

Maximize the space

A built-in window seat is the perfect solution if you have narrow corners, but you really want a place to curl up with a book. The velvet upholstery gives a formal touch and promises comfort. The wall mount also helps save space while still doing the job.

Take it anywhere

A window seat is a great place for children to feel comfortable and do homework when parents are busy cooking. Sometimes, sitting at the kitchen breakfast counter is not enough. Heather Hilliard chose colors that make the pendant lights stand out even more.