This is the perfect design of the TV room for a couple

Forget the standard sectional sofas and the super deep sofas (and don’t even get us started with the recliners); it turns out that the best furniture to rest in front of the TV may not be the items above. Real estate property

As proof, look no further than this coastal retreat in Nova Scotia, designed by Philip Mitchell, based in Toronto. The owners, husband and wife, asked him to create a weekend shelter where he could escape the city and relax, sometimes with visitors (children grew up), but often without them. So, instead of designing a beach house focused on entertainment, Mitchell designed the space to meet the couple’s specific needs.

This resulted in some ready-to-use furniture options, especially in the studio. “Instead of preparing the room traditionally with a sofa and two chairs, they said, ‘Let’s do something that is more about the two of us,'” explains Mitchell. So he designed a pair of personalized sneakers “something that would be elegant and interesting, but also comfortable for them”, he adds, and placed them side by side in front of the TV.

Now, the couple can stretch side by side, without having to lie awkwardly next to the sofa or lift an Ottoman whenever they want to lift their feet, while watching a program, reading a book or simply listening to the sound of the fireplace. . Mitchell says, “They spend a lot of time in this room, it really is a paradise designed for two!”