20 storage ideas in the basement, no matter how scary the room is 1-5

Does your unfinished basement begin to resemble a hoarding show, with labyrinth-like arrangements of forgotten boxes and sports equipment almost never used? Or maybe you’re lucky enough to have a finished basement but you haven’t done the hard work to make it consistent with the rest of your home (what color is that carpet anyway?). We are sure that we do not need to tell you that adequate renovation can not only shape that space, but also increase the value of your home’s property. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time or money to fund a structural review of what can sometimes be one of the largest (and most complicated) home-to-home improvement projects. Real estate property

In addition to a major renovation, there are many storage ideas and useful products that can help transform a wet and cavernous basement into the ideal version of itself, regardless of the level of finish you are dealing with. Built-in furniture is the reference standard when it comes to creating additional storage space that is practical and aesthetically perfect, but you can also use baskets and containers to hide unpleasant clutter and turn your basement into an elegant organizing image. Then there are the good ones. ideas to have, such as a wet bar under the stairs or an office area. Whether you’re looking to manage mountains of clutter or just need a starting point, here are 20 inspiring storage ideas that guarantee to reinvent any basement in no time.

In box

We understand that you can use your basement as an off-season closet. Get rid of cardboard boxes and simplify your life by putting clothes in airtight and waterproof containers. Made of transparent polypropylene, they allow you to see what you need when you need it while keeping your things free from mold, mildew or worse.

Get organized with Pegboard

Here, the power of the perforated panel, which allows you to be creative with your organizational skills while displaying tools, crafts or other frequently used objects in beautiful and practical ways. Add a variation with baskets and bowls or containers, as seen in a home workshop of The Design Files.

Build a media center

Are you going for a complete renovation? Consider adding a living room with an entertainment center, like this one from Studio McGee, to your checklist. Since basements are often unfinished and not yet dry, you can run audiovisual equipment for less than expected, and then add integrated storage space without interruptions.

Clear the mess

Use baskets with lids to corner small toys or tchotchke in a basement playroom or to hide unpleasant electronic cables and accessories that you can’t separate from. These Serena and Lily are fantastic and functional thanks to a blue beach motif.

Make your walls harder

Do you want to add storage but don’t have an integrated budget? Versatile shelves like this four-tower wall unit offer many opportunities to stack books, fill baskets or display sculptural-like containers and works of art.