20 storage ideas in the basement, no matter how scary the room is 11-15

Contain everything

Owners of finished basements, note: an elegant pouf with a hidden compartment like this helps visually tie your basement to the rest of the house without sacrificing valuable storage space in an underground living area. Real estate property

Add shelves

The easy-to-install floating shelves can transform an unfinished underground living area into the warmest place in the house, while helping to store books and other souvenirs and souvenirs.

Reuse a shoe organizer

The pockets of a classic shoe organizer above the door are just the right size for anything from loose brushes and gardening tools to cleaning products and spare parts, so you can free up drawers and furniture for more important items.

Make every square foot count

Don’t let precious space go to waste, starting in the dead zone, under the stairs. Blogger Carrie Nenonen has turned it into a beautiful office corner, but it can easily become your next cocktail bar, children’s closet or artisan’s corner.

Opt for closed shelves

If you prefer to keep your belongings behind closed doors, this peek-a-boo shelf sits right in your alley. Install them on the wall above a desk area for discreet storage or hang them just below the ceiling to take advantage of all the available space on the wall in a smaller room.