20 storage ideas in the basement, no matter how scary the room is 16-20 End

Use vertical memory

You can get bulky recreational equipment in order, no matter how small your space is. Install a wall mounted bike rack in a closet or hidden corner to take advantage of vertical real estate, exponentially increasing your overall storage space. Real estate property

Organize everything

A complete storage system like this Elfa bookshelf on display at Million Dollar Listing LA, starring Heather and Josh Altman’s house, makes it easy to keep everything under control, from children’s toys to Costco-sized household products.

Make it cozy

It is not necessary to use wire mesh boxes and cabinets or utility cabinets. Instead, choose furniture that is at home in the rest of the house to add space and style, as did the bloggers behind Chris Loves Julia here, and turn your basement into a place where you wouldn’t mind hanging.

Pick up footage

If an important review of the basement is not in the documents, a utility shelving unit allows you to stack containers and boxes to keep the unfinished spaces tidy without breaking the bank.

Enter them

Turn your transparent containers into drawers with a series of container rails. Smart gadgets connect to the bottom of a shelf so you can scroll through them, providing easy access to frequently used items.