Prediction: this trend of kitchen display stands is about to take off

Is there much to consider when designing kitchen furniture: exposed and open or hidden and closed? Bold and colorful, or elegant and minimalist? Hardware declaration or without handle? One of the best kitchen cabinet trends we’ve seen appearing recently seems to be somewhere in the middle. The look in question? Showcases with metal grid fronts, instead of traditional showcases. Real estate property

Carisha Swanson, director of the market for House Beautiful and forecast of resident cooking trends, offers us the download. “With glass, everything that covers the closet shelves should be like this because you can see directly through. But with metal grids, you don’t have to worry about packing your essentials in a beautiful way, since you can only take a look inside, “he explains. At the same time, partial visibility makes a small space seem less claustrophobic and one-dimensional than the solid closet doors. The perforated fronts also allow better ventilation.

Additionally, metal grid cabinets can introduce architectural intrigue, Swanson adds. In particular, “you can customize them to create a historical look, choose any motif and design you want or use them for a superior version of the chicken wire”. They are perfect for those who also want to introduce a touch of glamorous (or nervous) metal.

In the pantry of the previous butler, designer Matthew Quinn opted for the upper wardrobes with mesh inserts equipped with architectural grid screens. They feature a chevron motif that reflects the chevron motif on the ceiling and wall, as well as motifs throughout the adjacent kitchen. This ensures cohesion without being too combined. To make sure this smaller space wasn’t too tight, Quinn used shelves open on a wall, lining the Kohler window and sink.