19 tree houses that your children will ask you to build Part 1

When I was a kid, there was nothing more magical than a tree house. However, as a parent, there is nothing more frightening than the possibility of building one. These treehouse design ideas and prefabricated options range from stupid to simple and incredibly cool and complex, depending on how well a hammer can work (in addition to other tools and supplies). But don’t worry: there are many tree house design ideas to inspire everyone’s inner child. In addition, they are really cute enough to stay in the yard long after the kids pass them by. Real estate property

Add a balance

This tree house design Hollander looks nice enough to live full time. It also comes complete with a curly slide and a simple swing.

Just add cushions

Keep things small and simple. This beautiful tree house has a beautiful touch of mint green paint and transforms into a club with only a few striped cushions on the floor.

Add a swing

Keep it classic (and disorganized) with a swing! You can also add monkey bars if you feel ambitious.

Pendant lights

Hanging rope lights on trees will make it seem even more supernatural and magical for children and adults.

Bring it inside

When you thought that literally nothing would turn you on to sleep, it happened. The dream children’s room, designed by Studio Life / Style, shows that you don’t need a backyard to have an epic tree house.

Make a viewpoint

Make an elevated gazebo instead of a tree house. That way, he will still be lively and adult when the kids don’t want to play with him anymore.