19 tree houses that your children will ask you to build Part 2

Give it the fairy tale style

This treehouse seems to have come from Hansel and Gretel, so it will certainly spark the imagination (although we hope it will be a little less like Brother Grimm’s style). real estate property

Connect two together

The only thing better than having a tree house in the backyard is having two tree houses connected by a suspension bridge.

Copy a castle design

This treehouse on a patio designed by Emily Henderson takes things to the next level. Instead of opting for the classic tree house painting, make it look like a castle.

Put it somewhere with a view

Placement is everything. The tree house has the best buildings overlooking the vineyard (the adjacent rocking chair is for adults, so they can also enjoy the beautiful view).

Place on stilts

Don’t you want to build a tree house on real trees? Imitate the look with a wooden hut on stilts. This Commune project is the perfect oasis to escape. The interiors have a built-in loveseat, lots of pillows and fascinating stained glass.

Little Squirt Treehouse

They will feel that they are in the trees, without worrying if they fall from the tree.