18 cool colors of summer paint that make every day look like vacation 1-9

What colors of paint say fresh air, blooming flowers, cool breezes and sunny afternoons? These vibrant, relaxing tones are our favorites for the warm weather months. If you want to give your home a quick seasonal update or if you want to channel summer throughout the year, these summer colors will do. Real estate property

  • Coral

Roses need not feel exaggerated and one-dimensional. A shade of opaque coral can be timeless, sophisticated and fun at the same time, when combined with molding pieces such as black furniture, marble splashes and metallic and graphic art on the walls. This dining room designed by Jamie Drake demonstrates his wonderful chameleon ability, as it looks like he could be anywhere from Palm Beach to Los Angeles (he is actually in an Art Deco skyscraper in Manhattan).

  • Wonderful

Nothing says summer like a sunny yellow shade. To prevent vibrant yellow from dominating a space, opt for white frames and use contrasting colors, such as wise green and bright blue. Black accents will also keep things grounded, as seen in this space created by Old Brand New.

  • Flamingo Pink

Interior designer Janie Molster says there is not much pink, and we agree. But if you just want to play with the bright color, start painting a smaller area of your home, like in a beautiful corner of the window. Add a little romantic sparkle without feeling like you’ve painted the walls with Pepto-Bismol.

  • Pale purple

Make a winter or boring runner look cool by repainting the ornaments in a light purple shade. The deep violet, which evokes summer flowers like lilac, with burnt orange spots and warm woods, looks fresh and timeless in this transitional space designed by GRT Architects.

  • Tangerine

This custom-painted wall in a Parisian dining room designed by Studio Razavi Architecture features eclectic decor at its best. It is also a lesson in how to use bold colors, but it still looks sophisticated and refined. Although the tangerine, orchid and blue tones seem clear and whimsical, the geometric patterns affirm a feeling of modern design that beautifully juxtaposes neoclassical architecture.

  • Green sea foam

Pale green is a beautiful summer color for walls, but it can also be a beautiful accent color for painted furniture. This color palette is not a dining kitchen designed by Hecker Guthrie, it is light, airy and quiet, but intriguing. For an easy summer update and fun design, paint your kitchen stools with a lighter color, like this refreshing shade of green sea foam.

  • Rich mauve

Designed by Kate Reid, this little corner offers a lot of strength. She chose this surprising tone to further highlight the beautiful doors. Paint a closet door or instruction wall in a small room with a new color for a summer update. This rich mauve tone is unique and bold and also speaks of the color palette of the nearby wallpaper.

  • Yellow butter cream

Take note of this space designed by Leanne Ford Interiors and paint your kitchen with a subtly sunny shade, like yellow buttercream. Then place an area rug with streaks of coral for a fresh and bold anchor. The large white and gold drum pendant also speaks of the beautiful color of the paint.

  • Indigo

Indigo is classic for anything, from a beach house to a pied-a-terre. It will add real depth and sensitivity to a living room while channeling the ocean. This indigo-painted living room is located in a New York apartment designed by Kate Reid.