Gorgeous Swimming Pool Design Part 2

Swim in the moonlight

An elegant and modern small pool in the Dallas Pool Environments is lit to convince its owners to take a dip at midnight. The side wall of the corner rises to the patio level for a natural transition from the house to the pool. Real estate property

Tropical lighting effects

Patdo’s light studio in Port Chester, New York, lit up a pool in the backyard to accentuate the tropical features of the outdoor pool, which includes landscapes, waterfalls and aggressive landscapes.

L-shaped luxury

Floating cobblestones and a sculptural fountain in a small L-shaped pool in Texas increase interest and continue patio materials and lines around this Pool Environments project. The fountains and vivid lighting make the pool a focal point.

Plantation pool

A tropical plantation in Brisbane, Australia, integrates indoor and outdoor living with wooden terraces that lead to a pool from which you can easily enter and exit. Designed by Skale, the pool is located in a private courtyard and offers stunning views of Noosa, Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

Palm Springs Living

The pool of this impressive mid-century modern house, originally designed by the famous modernist architect William Krisel, is in sight of virtually every room. Preserving the architectural meaning and integrity of the house was essential for the renovation and restoration of Studio AR&D Architects. The house represents the Palm Springs lifestyle that combines leisure and refinement, with a perfect connection between architecture and landscape that has been associated with modern desert and California design.

Naples old beach house

In a house in Naples, Florida, 41 West created a pool with a natural pebble finish to accentuate the clear water that reflects the sky, especially when it is pure blue. With the warm Florida sun in mind, the deck is made of cement pavers placed in the sand so that bare feet are not burned.