Gorgeous Swimming Pool Design Part 3

Bologna Farm Pool

A terraced hill in Bologna, Spain, is a private place to swim at sunset with a view of the Mediterranean landscape. Designed by Deposito Creativo, Villa Privato Bertinoro has a farm with places to relax and enjoy the landscape when not working. Real estate property

Walk straight and tight

A nearly 16 foot high living / dining area opens on three sides, one west of a training pool which is a focal point at night when illuminated. Designed by EYRC Architects, the natural against the technical and the rough against the smooth is played with materials throughout this house in Venice, California.


A West Hollywood home has gained vertical space and spectacular views in this remodeling of Studio (fer) based in Los Angeles. The kidney-shaped pool has been redesigned with glass mosaic and includes a spa and shallow pool for lounge furniture.

Beautiful blue tiles

A modern home in Melbourne, Australia has a beautiful swimming pool built by DDB Design Development & Building with landscape design by COS Designs Creative Outdoor Solutions. The custom designed Bisazza blue tiles have been used for the spa, while the white tiles in the swimming pool reflect the sky and can change. White lights are installed in the swimming pool to intensify the blue tiles.

Historic restoration of Glendale

A Spanish colonial Renaissance house in Glendale, California has been restored and has received an exterior design makeover from Sacred Space Garden Design and Huntington Pools, which included a weather-resistant landscape, water features, tiles and landscapes.

Modern cabin and swimming pool

A renovation included a swimming pool cabin that replaced an old closed back house and a swimming pool with an architectural fountain feature and large plant containers. This was a team project that included Key Residential, Pool Environments, Jason Osterberger Designs and Randy Angell Designs. The cabin includes ceiling fans and external heaters, an integrated mosquito nebulization system, a fully equipped outdoor kitchen with a linear fireplace and a house that extends to the pool fountain.

Lively alexander

A modern mid-century Alexander home in Palm Springs, designed by Palmer & Krisel, has retained its original appearance, but received some contemporary updates, such as an integrated spa, a ground-level bonfire and an outdoor tiled shower . H3K incorporated intelligent features such as “wells” of grass between concrete slabs and the choice of suitable furniture at the time, such as California pagoda umbrellas, CB2 chairs and Surya cushions.