Gorgeous Swimming Pool Design Part 4 End

Australian infinity

A wooden and steel pavilion (pergola) connects the house with the infinity pool in this Skale Design project in Brisbane, Australia. The swimming pool surfaces are finished with a plaster finish for gravel pools. Real estate property

French country style

The owners wanted French country style for their Dallas home. Pool Environments has designed a curvilinear swimming pool which includes a small extended wet bridge and a fountain with a characteristic stone waterfall. The project, led by Key Residential, includes Bluestone Pennsylvania flooring that surrounds the pool, with artificial grass rather than mortar or pebbles.

Inside, looking outside

Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise and there is no need to stop when temperatures drop. EB Mahoney built a closed room for a swimming pool in a modern Philadelphia home, next to a wall with windows for an experience closer to nature.

Reflective swimming pool

Thomas Flint Landscape Design & Development designed for a large property in Ridgewood, New Jersey, a clean and classic rectangular pool with a bluish stone border and a green grass carpet that rolls right up to the water’s edge.

Entrance to the beach

As a demonstration that not all pools are geometric, this curvy design by Absolutely Outdoors in Houston is a pool to cool off, exercise, and dive into the glowing spa at night, a kind of situation for everyone. And if you wish, you can simply relax and enjoy those sources.

Sussex swimming pond

Is it a pool or a natural pond? Amanda Patton Landscape & Garden Design has created a pond with a pool located in the deepest section, while the shallow area houses a planted filtration area. Patton says that one of the professionals in a pond is that it looks beautiful year-round and does not need to be covered during winter, since it is a pond.

Raised pool

An elevated Olympic pool at Secret Gardens in Sydney, Australia, is constructed of hardwood and concrete, with Ophiopogon Japonicus along the pool.

Large boulders

To anchor these large granite rocks, The Landmark Group built elevated pillars and benches while pouring concrete to accommodate the large rocks. Large pieces of paved stone extracted from local limestone were used for the pool deck, separated by 1-inch polymer gaskets. Since the pool is located in Toronto, Canada, it is drained during the wintering process.

A bridge in Texas

A large rectangular pool features a Tuscan-style bridge for a change of view or an emotion along the slide. Designed by Rosewood Custom Builders, the vine-covered structure is also beautiful to look at.

Stone pool

An earthly depression (fall) on a mountain in Vermont was the ideal place for Shepard Butler Landscape Architecture to build a pool that would become part of the territory. SBLA used local stone slabs and stacked them at the southern end for an elevated terrace. Stone steps lead to a niche with stone benches and an integrated fire pit. A stone waterfall, a sculpture and an immersion stone continue with the natural appearance.