15 summer crowns that will make your front door impressive 6-15

  • Sunflower wreath

Garlands don’t just have to be made of flowers: take this summer sunflower for your entrance door on Etsy. Real estate property

  • Lavender wreath

We are dreaming of the French countryside. Keep only lavender essential oils in the hallway and going through the front door will become a Zen moment.

  • Summer walk on the beach Garland

Who says flowers can have fun? This coastal aspect is perfect to give your home a feeling of home next to the beach, even if it is six miles from the shore.

  • Sunflower wreath

Color of small purple flowers is added.

  • DIY summer lemon wreath

When life gives you lemons … this is the perfect solution to do it yourself.

  • DIY dry hydrangea wreath

If you want something beautiful but discreet, this is the crown for you.

  • seed crown

It smells really good

  • DIY carriage wheel crown

Perfect for a farm.

  • DIY pineapple crown

Pink door optional, but highly recommended.