24 barbecue ideas in the backyard for your next summer party part 1

Summer is very close. By last. And you know what that means: it’s time to light the grill, serve a round of drinks and play music for a barbecue party on the patio. Whether you are organizing a large garden party at your home or swarming in a local park, we recommend that you take a look at our ideas for barbecues in the backyard. With an elegant decoration, fun activities and the best alcoholic drinks, snacks and desserts in the block, we have your 100% covered summer barbecue party. Read on to see twenty barbecue ideas in the backyard. Real estate property

Decorations: tablecloths overlap

Go to Percale or go home, right? Placing a more extravagant floral tablecloth over the classic check adds an unexpected touch. Then reuse the old cans for a rustic and elegant floral centerpiece.

Decorations: pool floats

If you have a pool in the backyard, turn the barbecue into a pool party. Do not forget to highlight the allegorical floats that serve as decoration.

Decorations: Hang String Lights

If you dine outdoors at night, create a romantic atmosphere by hanging the lights around the table area. Then place the sheepskin throws on the benches for a cozy and cozy atmosphere. For more elegant fun ideas, check out Cheetah is the New Black.

Decorations: take the landscape to the top

If you are eating in a family style or making a wine tasting and the table will be completely stacked, skip the center and opt for the green atmosphere. This will allow you to minimize clutter on the table while creating a special atmosphere. For a summer afternoon, bring light and dreamy plants such as pampas grass. Instead, bring flowers to the table with lovely dishes.

Decorations: create a campfire

Whether you want to continue the party after the sun sets or a cold afternoon, a fire is the ideal place to meet. Besides, now you have an excuse to make s’mores. Don’t worry if you don’t have one yet: there are affordable portable optional tones.

Decorations: Deck Out the Bar Cart

Drinks and barbecues go hand in hand, so you may want to turn a corner of your backyard into an outdoor bar, or just hang a cart for the occasion. Add some vegetation and store the ingredients for your summer cocktail. By the way, let’s talk about summer cocktail recipes.