20 painted ceilings that make the whole room much cooler Part 1

When it comes to experimenting with color combinations and playing with paint, I have a question and a question: why do walls get all the love? Save a little for your roofs: you will be happy to have done so, since it is often that final touch that makes a whole space much brighter. From creating false moldings to saving pre-existing sores and accenting exposed beams, there are many ways to blow up a roof and get attention. Later, discover twenty rooms directly from interior designers with painted ceilings that show why the walls shouldn’t be fun. Real estate property

It gets dark

Leanne Ford painted the ceiling of this dining room in black to balance the bright and airy features. It makes the room a little more cozy and intimate without being too dark.

Be detail oriented

If your home is blessed with exposed beams, why not accentuate its beauty even more when painting them? In this Commune Design room, the beams emit warmth and character and give an extravagant touch to custom painted designs.

Use chalkboard paint

Artist Rajiv Surendra has graced the walls and ceiling in black paint in this Montreal writing room to imitate elaborate moldings. It looks fresh, modern and elegantly cheeky.

Work what you have

Technically it is not the ceiling, but by closing it, painting an HVAC conduit can really turn a monstrosity into a style statement. “In this basement renovation, we would have had to spend a lot of money to divert the HVAC air duct.” says designer Max Humphrey. “Who wouldn’t go with the pink ballet shoe instead?”

Create a cocoon

This shower (Duravit bathtub) in a bathroom designed by Studio Robert McKinley is a fascinating contrast between warm and angular. Deep handmade mocha tiles are much more impressive when the ceiling is painted the same color. Takeaway: combine the tiles with the ceiling paint!