20 painted ceilings that make the whole room much cooler Part 2

Be bold

The Toledo Geller design studio has traced the ceiling beams with a glossy cobalt blue paint to accentuate the architectural peculiarities of this dining room. The patchy wallpaper softens the intensity for a perfect balance. Real estate property

Contrasting styles

In this modern and artistic living room designed by Leanne Ford, the painted ceiling adds an unexpected touch of fantasy that contrasts with the monochromatic colors and angular geometric patterns. The tangled appearance of the pendant light also reflects the swirls very well.

Take it outside

On a Houston terrace designed by Celerie Kemble and Lindsey Herod, the pink and blue details in the lounge area are full of joy. But the real change of play is the blue painted ceiling, proof that yes, this design idea also works outdoors.

Be creative

This advanced bathroom designed by Leanne Ford Interiors looks super complicated, but you could really steal the appearance yourself quite easily. The hexagonal tiles painted white from the ceiling meet the stained wooden bridge to visually separate the shower and the sink area since there are no shower curtains or glass partitions.

Set the scene

When her 12-year-old twins graduated from bunk beds, New York designer Alexa Hampton brought adult furniture and a custom Dean Barger mural inspired by a family trip to Rome. They share a room “and this can be a little heavy, so looking through a fake window towards an Italian square” is a comfort, says Hampton. Then, he painted the flat part of the roof of a blue sky to extend the scene above.

Incorporate textures

“The dining room was our biggest challenge, but in the end it became the most exciting room in the house,” says designer Sarah Gilbane of this fun space. The theme was the ancient Everglades, so decorative artist Brian Leaver painted palm trees and flamingos on a grass canvas wallpaper and then created a trompe l’oeil roof. Painting on textured materials rather than directly on the wall can add even more depth, as shown here.

Reproduce architectural features

Instead of focusing exclusively on the walls of this fantastic San Francisco living room, designer Catherine Kwong brought abstract art to the floors. But she didn’t stop there! With broad white brush strokes in black stained wood, these floors are a nice juxtaposition against the neoclassical ceiling and the antique mirror above the fireplace. The decorative features of the ceiling are designed with a golden paint to reproduce them even more.