Summer cocktails you want when the temperature exceeds 80 part 2

Margarita Slushy Pictures

Marg shots >>> tequila shots. Real estate property

Moscato lemonade

Good luck drinking just one glass …

Lemon punch with rum

Cover the glass with dark rum, to give the drink that shaded effect.

Giggle juice

This combination of muscat, lemonade and vodka will make you and all your friends laugh on the patio this summer.

Lemonade sangria

The two best summer drinks in a glass. Welcome!

Blackberry Mojito

Sweeten an acid mojito with mixed blackberries and you will have a very pink drink.

Drunk orange Julius

Because you are an adult now.

Strawberry Daiquiri

If you are following the path of scratch cards, mix fresh and frozen fruit for a cold and tasty treat for the crowd.

Coladas pineapple

If you like glued pineapple … let’s avoid being caught in the rain.

Mimosa floats

The most colorful way to drink champagne!

Strawberry Frosé

Prepare your bottle of rose wine and go!

Mimose Lemonade

These requests must be appreciated during a summer brunch.