Summer cocktails you want when the temperature exceeds 80

Ah, summer. It’s the easiest and funniest season of life in the sun, which means it’s time to upgrade your hosting game with a new set of cocktail recipes. Whether guests prefer gin or rum, these simple, time-tested cocktails are guaranteed. Come on, fifty seasonal cocktails easy to prepare, delicious and guaranteed to leave everyone in the summer mood. Real estate property

Watermelon sangria

How to drink a slice of watermelon (more muscato + rum)!

Frozen Prosecco

This is a STAPLE summer freezer.

Drunk Jack Frosties

Although the recipe was inspired by Jack Frost’s winter fairy tale, these tasty cocktails are giving us the main summer vibrations of the mermaids. They are made with lemonade, Blue Curaçao, champagne and vodka – the perfect ingredients for the irresistible music of the mermaid from a summer cocktail.

Frozen watermelon margaritas

Professional tip: chop the fresh watermelon and throw it in the freezer in the evening before preparing the signs: they will be perfectly muddy and on the rocks!

Margarita Snowcones

This cocktail combines our two favorite summer drinks in a nice mug: snow cones and margins.

Pink fist all day

This punch will be a star of your summer parties. An entire bottle of rosé? Yes thanks

Firefly lemonade

You will want to drink it every summer evening.

Jarritos Cocktail

Give your Taco Tuesday party a unique and thematic touch with these Rainbow Jarritos cocktails.

Mojito Slushies

They may look like post workout medium green juice, but they are. Lot of. Best. Mojito grains are perfect for quenching your thirst during a summer party.

Lava flow cocktail

Rum, plus rum, coconut cream and strawberries – what’s not lava? Sorry, we had to do it. Just add a slice of pineapple to decorate and a mini umbrella for a luau-filled atmosphere.