Landscaping ideas to steal for a magical outdoor space 1-5

Careful landscape design is the key to creating an oasis in the open air, whether it’s a small courtyard in an urban area or a vast property in the country. To help you transform your patios, patios, gardens and more, we have put together 55 ideas and examples of landscape architecture that make the most of the natural environment. So, without further ado, allow these external beauties to pave the way for better landscape design. Real estat property

Flower Walls

If you take a shower outdoors, create a natural illusion of privacy with a flower wall. Flowering shrubs, like hydrangeas on this patio, by landscaper Ed Hollander (or plants that don’t care about humidity) can act as a live shower wall (and tend to be cheaper), in addition to improving the air of romance. an already romantic setting. Prune branches so that warm sunlight can overflow.

Oeergrown Terrace

Let the vegetation grow between the stone tiles on a terrace for a lush and overgrown atmosphere. The strings of Akin Atelier’s embrace light up from above and add large potted plants for even more magic in this inner / outer paradise.

Dining room in the middle of the garden

Landscape artist Lisa Bynon transformed her vegetable garden in Southampton, New York, into an outdoor dining area with a 10-foot-long table and a cedar fence.

Rooftop lunch

If you live in a lively neighborhood, with minimal outdoor space, but have access to a roof, look at this loft in Venice Beach. A wooden roof will create a wonderful effect of stained light and interwoven pendants will give the space vibrations.

Roses garden

Limiting yourself to one type of flower saves on long-term construction work. For a customer who really loves roses, Edmund Hollander planted around 250 English grandifloras. It is no more romantic than that.