Landscaping ideas to steal for a magical outdoor space 6-15

Garden shed

A live arch frames the path to Rebecca Vizard’s garden. A post office in Seaside, Florida, inspired the design of the small shed. Real estate property

Lavender border

A one-story garden offers beauty and elegance, says landscape architect Edmund Hollander. Here, a series of blue stone floors reinforces property lines and lavender edges focus the look.

Heated furniture

Chloe Warner simplified the landscape of a house in California: “We did nothing but establish areas for dinner and entertainment.” A love sofa heated by Galanter & Jones near the door attracts party guests “to go out to the patio on cool nights.”

Hydrangea wall

Privacy creates a sense of place, says Hollander. Here, rows of hydrangeas and wise white flowers make noise and highlight a lovely fountain.

Fire pit

Between the campfire and the floating dock, it is difficult to choose where to relax in the sophisticated house of Lake Thom Filicia.

Outdoor shower

To make an extraordinary outdoor shower even more impressive, place a tiled path that opens the way. Then hang the wall hooks on the outer wall so you can show your beautiful towels, like these Missoni stunners. They are an excellent way to bring a variety of colors without having to plant a complete garden.

Flower covered pergola.

In a French-inspired cabin, the wisteria shades a group of bistro chairs by the pool. Very chic!

Garden fountain

A weeping willow hovers over the water in front of the Charleston rental of Jill Sharp Weeks. He reimplanted the beds and brought furniture to create a private paradise.

Conversation hole

Here’s how to shape an outdoor fire pit. In the center of the circular island of tiles in the middle of the lawn, all eyes will be on the crackling fire. The surrounding butterfly chairs introduce a relaxed Californian atmosphere, which is further accentuated by tall palm trees and the dreamy pampas grass.

Modern patio

Thin trees give shade to a walled shelter of a house of the sixties. Elizabeth Kennedy and Ray Booth brought the elegant style of outdoor interiors by adding chairs for all seasons and a row of lanterns.