Elegant outdoor fireplaces that will keep you warm all night Part 1

A crackling fire on a cold night is one of the most memorable parts of a summer party. These outdoor fireplaces will do the job in style. Read on to get twenty-two stylish ideas for decorating an outdoor fireplace and getting them in shape before the party starts. Real estate property

Covered with bougainvillea

Always say yes to bougainvillea and fireplaces. To make the fireplace hangout area look like an intimate corner within a larger patio, place some tiles that highlight it. We also love the modern wall lights that flank the fireplace in this space designed by Studio Lifestyle.

Bridge fireplace

Keep your outdoor space intimate by tilting the comfortable chairs towards the fireplace. Then hang some string lights to further expand the romance. If your fireplace has a tall fireplace, embellish it with wall decorations that can defy the elements, like a brutalist wood carving.

Colorful tiles

An attractive tile on the patio can make a difference, especially if you choose an extravagant motif with bright colors. Therefore, use more timeless and neutral furniture that does not reach the eyes to ensure that the focus remains on the tiles. As for the fireplace, opt for a thin and elegant screen to prevent the flame from overheating a smaller external space.


This Spanish style villa in Los Feliz is the perfect setting for a summer party. Commune Design chose colorful cushions to reflect the beautiful tiles that adorn the fireplace, and there are many comfortable seats.

Modern roof

Don’t you have a patio? Bring it to the roof. Studio The design studio DB chose minimalist furniture to frame the modern fireplace, while contemporary, neutral fabrics echo the interior.

Eclectic campfire

No outdoor fireplace? No problem: a fire will add so much charm. Surrounded by comfortable eclectic seating, this fireplace area designed by Regan Baker Design is the perfect haven on the back. Add a rocking chair (in a touch of color, if you’re feeling bold!) And floor cushions for an extra seat. For another campfire option that strikes the balance between bohemian and formal, try a hammered copper campfire.

Modern meets rustic

There are so many things to love in this courtyard by Alison Pickart, that we are not even sure what to call first. From diamond-shaped grass tiles to elegant touches of houndstooth and extravagant crystal on the coffee table, you’ll want to take notes of style.


This semi-enclosed space is making great use of architectural bones. String lights soften exposed beams, while the imposing fireplace warms the living area.

Minimalist column

Simplicity can be the key to escaping the patio. In a Japanese-inspired Pamela Shamshiri home for Commune Design, the Blackman Cruz chairs overlook a simple but sculptural fireplace.

fire pit

Even without a fireplace, this campfire serves as a meeting place on Bonnie Edelman’s Connecticut estate. Chests pile up under the benches and the speakers fuse into the local stone walls.