These are our favorite kitchen colors of all time Part 1

Adding color is the best way to change things in the kitchen: no renovation, no construction, just paint and a brush. Whether you are a kind of sociable person or you love the pop of something vibrant, we collect more than thirty kitchens with beautiful colors to help you get started. Assemble your closets with bright blues and reds, or put a large space on the floor with a soft gray or green … No matter what your color preference is or if you are totally perplexed for inspiration, we have some color ideas of Kitchen painting, examples of design and shopping tips that will guide you. real estate property

Navy blue

A navy blue like ink will grind a kitchen in an open space and will feel more formal than a light color without being melancholy and dark like black. We also love the idea of ??painting the interior furniture in a color that matches a decorative piece in the room, like this orange piece of furniture designed by Arent & Pyke to match the carpet.


This coral pink kitchen is like being on vacation all year round. With rattan and bamboo staples and a new layer of cheerful pink paint, it is peculiar, optimistic and unique without being too exaggerated.

Baby blue

In this kitchen designed by 2LG Studio, the cabinets relax in shades of light blue. The inverted circular cabinet handles add to the soft and sweet personality.

Matt black

There is nothing sexier than matte black when it comes to kitchen paint colors. That is, when covering the bottom of the upper cabinets a material with a golden mirror.

Pale yellow

Take note of this space designed by Leanne Ford Interiors and paint your kitchen with a slightly sunny tint, like yellow butter cream. Then place a carpet with coral bangs for a fresh and bold anchor. The large white and gold drum pendant also speaks of the beautiful paint color. Delicate and delicious.

Sage green

Instead of painting all the closets or walls, experiment with color on a statement wall. This sage green pop in a kitchen designed by Studio DB adds the perfect personality. The green glass shelves and a large green bowl are connected to the unexpected color.

Red wine

It becomes glamorous with an intense intense red that recalls the wine. The robust full color adds so much depth and glamor. Try it? This kitchen by Nick Olsen, where geometric tiles take things to a higher level.


If the white looks too strong, choose a cream tone. You will still feel light and bright, but the warmer shades will help make your kitchen more welcoming. We love the way it softens the industrial elements of this kitchen designed by Elizabeth Roberts Architecture & Design.

Pink blusher

A light and delicate pink that offers only a touch of push is surprisingly beautiful when combined with more modern, stylized and geometric pieces. In this kitchen designed by GRT Architects, the modern lines and the tonal palette feel fresh and modern, while the pink color makes it open and bright.

Gold leaf

There is nothing like metal to bring out your interior. Opt for a brushed gold finish in the kitchen cabinets and introduce more sensitive materials like jute to ensure it isn’t too flashy, like in this kitchen designed by Arent & Pyke.

Bright blue

Paint the bottom cabinets with a striking blue sky and then soften things up with a super light pistachio tile for the walls, as designer Regan Baker did in this kitchen.

Light taupe

A sandy beige keeps things neutral, but it stands out a little more than a cream or a super light gray. We are really digging the alternative black and gray stained wood furniture in this VOL kitchen. Various tons (more texture) add interest to a neutral space.


Designed by Catherine Kwong, this kitchen is a contemporary classic that will age gracefully. The gray steel cabinets contrast with a touch with the dark gray kitchen island and cream-colored ceilings for a balanced set.

Flamingo Pink

Can’t decide on a single paint color? The new New York showroom at deVOL Kitchens proves that it is not necessary. Choose one color for the walls and one for the lower cabinets, then use a splash guard that incorporates both. So paint something fun on the ornaments on the top cabinets.