Creative ways to light your room Part 1

When it comes to creating the right environment, lighting is everything. And this is true in almost every space you enter, but designing adequate light is especially important in the bedroom. Whether you’re looking for ways to fix your nightstand, save space or make a general statement, these unique bedroom lighting ideas will guide you in the right direction. Whether you want a pendant, a chandelier, a wall lamp or a lamp, we have some inspiration that your room never saw coming. Real estate property

It combines black and brass

Ultra modern and ultra elegant, this brass and black bedside lamp makes a statement while adapting to the minimalist environment designed by Tamsin Johnson. Brass is a pleasant surprise, as it heats white and gray bedding.

Choose something unexpected

Why stop at a bedside table when the surface is large enough for two? We love the contrast between the chrome lamp and the traditional ceramic lamp. Each of them talks about the different influences of design throughout the room.

Let the natural light shine

This room designed by Hecker Guthrie is blessed with lots of natural light, which casts a beautiful glow throughout the space. The modest metal sconces provide additional lighting next to the bed, but also blend directly with the white wall.

Make an artistic statement

The sconces come in all shapes and sizes: not only are they an excellent option to save space for small rooms, but they are also a good way to have an elegant impact. In this room designed by Heather Hilliard, sculptural sconces introduce a more innovative and avant-garde touch to traditional elements and the warm and cheerful color scheme.

Choose soft parts

Robson Rak kept feeling light and airy in this blue and white room, sticking white buns and a fine feather pendant.

Save space

The answer to your space saving needs: an accordion light that turns off when you need it. It can retract on the wall when finished.

Use a fun color

A chartreuse lamp corresponding to gingham upholstery and bedding gives life to this master bedroom, designed by Abney Morton Interiors. The color is unexpected, but it works wonders to keep the space light and casual enough to have a cabin on the lake while you’re still an adult and sophisticated.

Rethink Placement

This built-in Moorish-inspired bed corner, designed by ETC.etera for Hotel Covell, is the perfect combination of cozy and elegant. The gloomy wallpaper adds an air of mystery, which is reinforced by the aged brass pendant. If you have a similar situation, or if there is no room for a table lamp next to the bed, hang the pendant on the headboard, instead of centering it

Hang bare bulbs

Hang a bunch of lamps in a variety of shapes and sizes for a fresh, easy and undone aesthetic. It is affordable, full of features and undoubtedly elegant.

Go Glam

This richly textured room, designed by Janie Molster, receives extra cool vibes from the geometric pendant. Add a more formal and glamorous feeling to the space.