Creative ways to light your room Part 2

Keep it simple

If you have an extraordinary headboard, bright colors and interesting pieces, keep your lighting simple. An anonymous wall lamp with a neutral tone never fails. In this room designed by Arent & Pyke, the color tone of oatmeal refers to the quilt and pillowcase. Real estate property

Backlight of your downlight

In this bunk room designed by Studio Griffiths, the built-in cubicles are backlit for a slight glow of night light that does not take up precious space.


A lamp on the bedside table is a decoration option, but it is not always fully functional. To make sure you have enough light when reading (or on the phone) in bed in the evening, also place a light on the wall next to the bed.

Try the pending headers

Another great way to take up less surface space that doesn’t involve any applique? Hang a thin night lamp. In this room of the Firehouse Hotel designed by ETC.etera, a dark green corner pendant stands out for its marigold tones and organic shapes.

Mix in metal

This master bedroom designed by Kaemingk Design inspires us to mix more metal. Gold, brass or silver help improve your applique set. Opt for metal bases for a feeling of industrial glamor.

Mount your lighting

Mounting the lights next to the bed eliminates the need for a large bedside table. Now you can optimize your space or save space if you have a small room.

Opt for floor lamps

Do you want to try something new? Flank the bed with two thin floor lamps instead of the classic table lamps. Add height and size by freeing up more space on the surface of the bedside tables.

Go vintage

We love the contrast between the shabby chic chandelier and the modern table lamp in this room designed by 2LG Studio. Not only will you find something unique that no one else has, but it will probably cost you less to buy something new and have a nice patina.

Security appliance in the header

Why protect wall lights when you can make a declaration header stand out even more? Here, they add a little elegance to the rustic setting inspired by nature.

Hang it somewhere unexpected

Although this contemporary pendant lamp in this space designed by Tamsin Johnson would be perfect wherever I was, we are digging the asymmetry that hangs in the reading corner instead of in the center of the room. The shade also corresponds to the skirt of the bed, for good cohesion.