10 ideas for storing ornaments to protect your collection all year round 1-5

Ornaments are the most precious cargo of all Christmas decorations. There is nothing worse than investing in sentimental, beautiful, expensive and fragile ornaments, just to have no place to store them after the holidays, except perhaps to settle for an unsafe hiding place, only to discover your precious collection broken into pieces. 364 days later. To protect Christmas ornaments around the world, we have highlighted 10 ideas and essential elements for organizing the conservation of the ornaments below. Real estate property

1 box to store ornaments

A large tree means many ornaments. Instead of storing all your ornaments in a pile of small, hard-to-track boxes, keep them all in one place with a spacious container. This, for example, has forty-four compartments.

2 Chest for Christmas ornaments

Equipped with comfortable handles, festive Christmas colors and easy-to-assemble compartments, this ornamental storage box has all the necessary bells and whistles. It was also built to protect against pests and soil, so it will be safe even if you don’t check it all year round.

3 Storage box for farm ornament

Chic French country stripes, this decorative organizer makes the storage space elegant. In addition, a transparent front makes it easy to find specific ornaments without unpacking the entire box on a hunt for the wild goose. As seen here, organizing lines by color is a great way. In addition, the zipper closure provides additional security.

4 Storage tray with 12 compartments

With four levels of ornamental trays, each with six separate areas, this is a great durable option if the cardboard or DIY separators look very fragile. And another professional tip: don’t forget to wrap all your ornaments in tissue paper, in case they collide with your compartments.

5 Preservation of the festive 3-tray ornament

This container also functions as a bag, thanks to the extra long straps, which means that you can carry your ornaments back and forth more easily and cautiously. In addition, it facilitates disclosure so that you can see everything and therefore have an action plan while decorating the Christmas tree.