10 ideas for storing ornaments to protect your collection all year round 6-10 End

6 decorative split storage boxes

With an elegant and minimalist facade, this slim storage box combines perfectly. It is especially suitable for small spaces, such as storage under the bed. Real estate property

7 boxes of hanging ornaments

If you want to keep all your Christmas decorations in one place, look no further: this trash can will contain more than just your ornaments. It can also fit inside the weatherproof plastic boxes of The Container Store for added protection. Prevention is better than cure when it comes to these delicate types.

8 5-tray adjustable ornament storage

With multiple levels and removable trays, this car / suitcase ornament makes it easy to transport decorations from one room to another. It is also from a Frontgate collection that includes a crown bag and a tree bag, as well as a swivel stand so that all essential storage items can be consistent. In addition, it fits 100 ornaments!

9 storage drawer ornaments with cross stitch printing

Use this container if you want something of winter and ingenious design, but also subtle enough to combine with the garage, the attic, the bedding closet or any other place to store your containers and boxes. Inside, there are three stackable trays with handles. So it really works more like a small dresser.

10 10 poultry storage box

Make a storage container that you already own (or a new and cute one, like this Boy Scout box), creating your own dividers. Use store-bought drawer dividers (those made for socks would work well!) Or recondition old cardboard boxes