Zellige Tile is the bathroom trend that is conquering the Internet Part 1

So you love the look of tiles in kitchens and bathrooms, but you’re ready to graduate beyond the classic look of the subway. Welcome, you are in the right place. Zellige tiles (pronounced zil-EEHJ; also its name seems fresh and sophisticated) are ultra-bright handmade tiles with wabi-sabi charm. Although they are more common squared, they are available in all shapes and sizes and, due to the imperfect nature of the enamel, the color variations are also endless. Simply put: Zellige tiles are experiencing a time of great design in 2020, which is a pleasure in an era in which everything seems to be manufactured and mass produced. Keep reading to get fourteen splendid examples that you would like to replicate at home. Real estate property

1 surround a fireplace

A unique cooking process makes zellige tiles super resistant and, therefore, popular in kitchens and bathrooms. But in other places they can also be functional: designer Eva Holbrook has placed them around this home to protect the wall from heat.

2 Choose small tiles

The zellige tiles used in this dust room designed by Hecker Guthrie are thinner than most, creating a sequin effect. Combined with black moody details and elegant white marble, that bright glow makes you feel like you are inside a disco ball.

3 Go with classic white

The texture of the glossy finish shines much more than the standard meter. To maintain a small section of zellige accent, add a floating shelf just above it, as in this space designed by Arent & Pyke.

4 Single color projector

One of the many fantastic things about zellige tiles is that it can create a tonal cocoon effect, since each tile offers more variety than a single shade of paint. ETC.etera chose a pink rainbow for this mosaic shower.

5 pairs with contrast material

This massive shower is covered with wall-to-wall zellige tiles, while the bathtub is surrounded by marble that drips from the splash guard to the floor. Studio DB designed this bathroom with virtually no color, but it has a rich and material narrative