“Schitt Creek” prayer candles are everywhere on Etsy and we want them all

It may be the last season of Schitt’s Creek, but we should NEVER let the legacy of the Rose family die. Never! While we can visit the Rose Apothecary popup in Sharon Spring N.Y. and stock up on soaps, lip balms, body creams and more, which is honestly not enough. Honestly, I would like to have in my hands the giant portrait of the family that was shown in previous seasons to be able to admire my heroes every day, but as it is not an option, these beautiful Schitt’s Creek prayer candles will do the trick. A variety of vendors on Etsy have modeled sacred candles in honor of the Rose Family, which can be purchased in singles or four sets. These durable candles are as exaggerated as the family and are a perfect way to honor and celebrate our favorite dysfunctional family. As David would say “Good morning” and as Alexis would say “Ew, David”. Here are our favorite prayer candles from Schitt Creek. Real estate property

1 pink prayer candle from Santa Moira

2 sets of 4 candles from Schitt’s Creek Saint

3 Pink prayer candle of St. David

4 Rose family prayer candles

5 Alexis Rose prayer candles

Set of 6 Schitt’s Creek prayer candles

7 Johnny Rose prayer candles