27 Easter table decorations raised 11-27

Easter nest wreath with eggs full of truffles

This crown is not only a beautiful centerpiece, but the eggs in the center are made of chocolate. Try this if you really want to enjoy the spring environment. real estate property

Dessert plate natural table

Who said Easter is about rabbits? These festive animal dishes give chameleons, bees, and more some love.

Chintz floral napkins

You can’t go wrong with flowers when it comes to decorating for Easter, so choose a simple floral napkin that will also facilitate your cleaning work.

cake with flowers

Do not limit your flowers to vases, put them in your desserts. Opt for real edible flowers or practice your culinary skills, leaving them uncovered.

Bunny Taper Holder

Can’t resist a good conical candle? Show them on a rabbit-shaped stand.

carrot flower bouquet

Carrots are not just snacks: place the vegetables in a transparent vase along with white flowers to give it a touch of extra color.

Flower Market Container

This fun floral wine bucket is perhaps the most capricious way to relax the bottle of your choice.

Ribbon Napkin Ties

A white tulip and a coordinating ribbon are all you need for an elastic napkin ring. Combine with your napkins for an even more beautiful environment.

Ceramic hare

All the reasons for rabbits, please.

A citrus table

At this brunch party organized by interior designer Charlotte Moss, wicker cutlery and vases of delicate and unpretentious yellow flowers on a lemon-patterned tablecloth look classic and optimistic, while splashes of green-painted dishes add a sense of modern art If you live in a warm place, be sure to provide your Easter guests with some shade through an umbrella.

Easter candles

Golden polka dot egg candles are a fun complement to any Easter table.

Garden party

Designer Heather Taylor recreated the motif in her great-grandmother’s dishes for bouquets at a garden party. “Even if the guests don’t notice the reference, it’s a lovely detail that adds fun symmetry,” he says about the bells and wonders. The perfect setting for an Easter table.

Forsythia flower stalk

The stems of yellow flowers add an earthy and ethereal feel to any spring table.

Cloth table runner

Textile designer Michael Devine evokes a romantic outdoor party that will surely inspire an Easter table worth spending. “To complement the floral arrangements, I chose the yellow and white table runners on my Chantal fabric,” he says. “The vintage crockery with a blue and white chinoiserie pattern has been combined with napkins tied with a striped ribbon.” He put fantasies of fake butterflies in the arrangements, making them seem to flutter through Queen Anne’s tie.

Cascade wine glass

Toast a successful Easter brunch with these glasses of rose wine or cascading champagne.

Everything natural

Designer Donna Karan created this natural table. “I love this tree!” she says. “It looks like it’s growing off the table, creating a canopy. Wood adds a lot of heat.” Proof that Easter decoration doesn’t have to be too sweet and cake-centered.

Papillon Lucky Butterfly

These baccarat crystal butterflies come in nine different colors, so you can combine them with any table landscape.