20 cute and creative Easter egg hunt ideas for all age groups #2

Eggs with a special reward inside

Candy doesn’t have to be the egg hunt prize. Instead, opt for the “privilege” notes, which give children a special time with their parents, 15 minutes before bed or the last slice of cake. Real estate property

Egg cartons

Before the hunt, place egg cartons on the children’s table and encourage participants to bring them to the starting line. The first person to fill all the spaces wins something extra special. The last hot bread, maybe …

Floating eggs

Perfect for smaller egg hunters, using balloons as markers makes it easy to locate eggs (and treats).

The golden egg

Even if you go on a more traditional hunt, throwing a special egg into the mix won’t hurt. Anyone who finds the golden egg gets serious bragging rights and extra special treatment.

Egg poppers

If you prefer the non-traditional, consider hanging egg poppers on a tree. Give each child a specific color and tell them to throw, rotate and appear in the content of their hearts. Another plus: don’t these colored eggs look sweet?

Free printable

Give little clues in the form of these adorable (and free!) Printables. Just mount them on a stick and stick them to the floor when needed.

Break the Egg Hunt

Are you feeling really ambitious this year? This will take some time and planning, but it will put the kids in true detective mode. Wrap the tracks inside the hollowed-out eggs (we’re talking about the real guy!), Punching a hole in the base of the egg with a needle. Hide the eggs and tell the kids to break them when they find the next clue, which will lead to the next egg. How much fun is that?

Festive photo booth

Set up a quick and easy photo booth to capture familiar moments while searching for eggs. Set up a group in front of a beautiful tree, hang paper flowers, and offer guests accessories like these elegant frames. Now strike a pose!

Garden party invitations

If you’re feeling classy this year, consider creating a formal egg hunt invitation. Throw a garden party and encourage everyone (including the little ones!) To dress up in the best way possible on Sunday. This will make the egg hunt look much more special this year.

Egg garland

Incorporate all the additional Easter eggs into your decor with this festive garland. You can even ask participants to make the crown as a fun activity after the hunt.