More than 20 Easter snacks to start your feast 1

There is more than meets the eye at Easter. When it’s time to eat, we tend to feast our eyes on ham, side dishes and desserts, but what about the delights before dinner? Delight yourself with these appetizers (stuffed eggs, sandwiches and more) before filling up with everything the holidays have to offer. real estate property

Roasted asparagus and ricotta pie

This elegant and tasty vegetable pie will keep everyone happy while they wait for the Easter ham to finish cooking.

Rosemary brioche rolls

The secret of these wonderfully scented breads is fresh rosemary. Add some black pepper, cover with coarse salt and butter and you will have an irresistible Easter snack.

Pea crostini and feta cheese

Soft peas, mint and feta cheese come together in this tasty crostini filling, perfect for Easter.

Tomato and manchego tartlets

These shiny tartlets, made with tomato, Manchego cheese and puff pastry, add a touch of spring color to any Easter variety.

Bacon and asparagus bites

There’s really nothing better than a combination of bacon, asparagus and brie cheese, all nestled in an easy-to-make dough cup.

Stuffed Eggs with Pepper

Stuffed eggs are essential on any spring night, and those bites of cheese and pepper spice things up.

20-minute cauliflower soup

Fill the vegetables before diving into the real Easter stars: chocolate and sweets.


Get these sandwiches for the party guests. Choose from a variety of fillings, including cheese with pepper, peppermint pea and classic cucumber.

Apricot and ham focaccia

Pizza can be old-fashioned for a festive meal, but these bites of goat cheese and ham are suitable for even the most elegant occasions.

Twigs on a blanket

Wrap your vegetables and bacon in a swirl of dough, basically the best parts of a meal in a meal.