The magic of changing the life of a kitchen window

Architecturally unique and with infinite functional value, service windows increasingly appear in residential spaces. If you’re wondering what makes window displays different from normal, they’re essentially any type of window that opens wide enough to get something through it – some open in a canopy style, others slide and others (bi folds) if open like an accordion
kitchen through window with outdoor dining area. Real estate property
Lark and flax

Sometimes called concession windows, they were originally created to make transactions for food vendors more seamless, and more recently, they have been embraced by trendy restaurants with mobile developments that minimize square footage and thus are rented as traffic Pedestrian traffic.

In a domestic setting, they generally connect the kitchen to a patio or terrace space and promote indoor / outdoor living. So who are they for? Basically, if you can’t splurge in a second kitchen, but would like to have another one outside, an extra wide window is a compromise that doesn’t really seem like a compromise.
Outdoor kitchen with metal stools.
Alec Hemer

It will come in handy if you have a pool and don’t want kids running (and dripping) around the house during lunch. Similarly, if you want to supervise children playing outside and communicate without having to give up your kitchen chores, you can be in two places at the same time, just by opening the window. Not to mention that it brings a nice breeze, making the internal space much more airy and connected to the surroundings.
indoor / outdoor kitchen with pool
Lifestyle / study

They also make it easy to pass food inside out when dining al fresco. And you shouldn’t enjoy all the fun during the summer; It can make barbecue much easier in winter. Joanna Saltz, editorial director of Delish and House Beautiful, chose Pella’s Architect Windows Reserve when she recently renovated the kitchen in her family’s home. The grill is conveniently located outside the window on the platform, saving many round trips and lightening the load.

Now that you’ve added your dream home wish list via Windows (or have already called your contractor), don’t forget to invite us on those epic summer dinners that you will definitely have installed once.